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Home is our second body and any static or unbalanced energy is reflected on us.

Our home is considered to be the ultimate body that embraces our actual bodies. As we do look after our body and our health we have to put our homes into consideration and choose the best energy to be flown by it because this is directly reflected on us. Moving through its design, decor and color choices, a lot of health, social, financial and other life problems could be avoided. Thus, home is our second body and any static or unbalanced energy is reflected on us and make us vulnerable to physical illness. In order to avoid this, science has offered us the Bioenergy which was discovered by the ancient ancestors and it was a main reason for the launching of the everlasting civilizations. One of its branches is “The energy of a place” which was being used by the ancient Egyptians to build their temples, pyramids and king mansions. This important science had been delivered to East Asia and the Chinese called it ” Feng shui” which means water and air. This is fundamentally related to the flow of energy, its motion in a place along with its negative and positive impact on us.

This is based upon choosing a living environment gathered in it the elements of energy and to be harmonically balanced. This leads the achievement of the utmost positivity which is reflected healthily, socially, financially, physiologically on the one. Additionally, we could enhance our life by enhancing our space energy.
There is a Chinese idiom that says ” whenever there is consistency and harmony all over home, by then, order will be spread in the country, and if this happens, peace will be spread on earth”. So, there is a strong connection between the human inner peace, which is by default reflected on society, country and the order in the place which has a major impact on the one. This is based upon the harmony between human and “feng shui”, the fundamental idea of the energy of the place science, and the world. It is based on the notion of the five cosmic elements theory and yin yang theory which states that everything in the world is consisting of two contradictory energies but they are powering up each other and each one is feeding on the other.

The existence of them both is indispensable because it makes a balance in the space, they are balanced contradictories that forms completion. Additionally, all of our surrounding elements have contradictory characteristics, however, they complete each other and life cannot continue without the balance of each. For instance, the contradiction between day and night, sun and moon, man and a woman, etc.

In order to gain balance, it is necessary to have balance firstly between these two energies. Similarly, to the cosmic elements theory, which is the other important theory in energy of a place. These elements are (fire, dust, metal, water and wood) and every element has its unique characteristic and represent a life aspect. These elements must be static. This science of the energy of a place has been used since so long in building pyramids, temples, houses according to its philosophy before it is delivered to the Chinese. The new archaeologists affirmed that choosing places surrounded be rivers and mountains it’s not a random choice but it is necessary to the sites which their visitors and inhabitants were in a good health condition. This science has gone viral after it was only associated with one specific category. It is common now to choose places for construction, burials, and furniture.

Going through the Chinese architecture, it appeared to be a common habit in their architecture to connect between the site choice, design, outer structure and décor. All of that in order to keep balance between human and its surrounding world which is being reflected positively on the one in his life aspects. And now this science is available for all, and by it the planning of the banks, hotels, houses and local communities happened in Hong Kong and other developed countries. For instance, Burj khalifa in Dubai was made by an expert in this science and by such he put the five elements in the place which made it more successful along with its visitors and employees.

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