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Your body is a temple…with Quirks!`

You’ve probably heard the saying “Your body is a temple, treat it as such”.. but what if your body is really a toddler who chooses the most critical of times to embarrass you..(parents raising tiny humans will relate) … and what if there was surprisingly easy fixes for those “tantrums” your body throws at you at the most inconvenient situations…

  1. The Hiccups.. Aka “The buster”

    The Scenario: Picture this, you’re in your  perfectly tailored sharp business suit, standing before a large audience , and right in the middle of delivering your winning speech..an all too familiar sensation starts building up in your gut…the dreaded hiccups.

    The culprit: Hiccups are basically sudden, brief and involuntary contractions of your diaphragm caused by irritation of the nerves extending from the neck to the chest for any number of reasons ranging from eating too fast, chewing gum and smoking down to anxiety and stress, in addition to being sometimes painful and irritating, hiccups can also be extremely embarrassing and inconvenient, thus adding insult to injury, luckily…

    The Fix: Here are some easy, time tested and most importantly subtle ways u can control your hiccups

    • Cover your mouth while breathing fast(don’t hyperventilate, passing out is usually more embarrassing) , the extra dose of CO2 should do the trick
    • Press the palm of one hand with the thumb of the other hand, the harder the better, that discomfort might distract your nerves enough to stop those hiccups
    • Hold your breath..(again Co2, again Don’t pass out)
    • Stick Out your tongue (preferably when no one is looking)
    • Plug your ears for 20 to 30 (pressing on the vagus nerve sends a relax signal to your diaphragm)
    • Take 9-10 quick sips of water in a row (the ryhtmic contractions of the esophagus override the spasms if the diaphragm)
    • Combine the ear plugging with the water sipping from a straw (preferably while juggling a number of colored balls in the air..that should distract people from your hiccups)

    Any hiccups lasting more than 48 hours requires a visit to your doctor


  2. Excessive Sweating Aka “The mood killer”

    The Scenario: Unless you’re working out at the gym or saving babies from a burning vehicle while also happening to be George Clooney or Gigi Hadid, any potential scenario that involves you heavily sweating is embarrassing

    The culprit: Excessive sweating or “hyperhidrosis” is a fairly common problem, it ranges from mild cases to rather severe ones where the sweating causes actual occupational disability to the individual involved. The reason behind hyperhidrosis might be an overactive sympathetic nervous system, abnormal number or distribution of eccrine(sweat) glands or an underlying medical condition.., with that being said…

    The Fix: Although there is no quick fix for severe forms of hyperhidrosis..(a doctor might advise of botox injections, surgery or other procedures like Iontophoresis)..mild and moderate hyperhidrosis may be controlled by

    • Lifestyle changes: avoiding spicy food(maybe for extra measure avoid all Indian food?) caffeine, using antiperspirant instead of deodorants, avoiding tight clothes and nylon fibers( although nylon fibers should as a general rule be avoided anyway for being hideous..)
    • Stronger antiperspirants: those containing aluminium chloride plug the sweat glands and can decrease sweating


  3. The Eye Twitch Aka “The Ominous”

    The Scenario: After years of saving every penny, the moment is finally here and you’re just about to buy your first car, only to stop seconds before signing…you just felt your eye twitch..made even worse if it happened to be your ..**gasp** LEFT EYE!

    The culprit: In spite of what your Nana told you and what you probably heard in every folk tale.. your eye didn’t twitch to warn you not to buy that particular car..in fact eye twitching is hardly a sign of lurking evil…Blephorospasm is the involuntary spasm of eyelid muscles,that can typically last from seconds up to 2 minutes…they can occur only once or stay on and off for days

    The Fix: Eye twitches have a simple explanation and rather easy fixes:

    • Drinking less caffeine (surprising how everything is somehow linked to caffeine eh?)
    • Sleep
    • Eye drops (artificial tears)
    • Warm compresses
    • Snack on foods rich in magnesium

    So the next time your eye twitches, don’t freak out..just grab a salad and get some sleep… The car isn’t haunted……or is IT??!

  4. Goosebumps AKA “The chills”?

    The Scenario: Its 35 degrees on a particularly sunny summer day, you waltz into a dark empty café where the air conditioner is blasting cool sweet air,you hear a sudden strange sound and immediately the hair at the back of your neck stands up

    The culprit: Sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the “fight and flight” response, whether it be the cool air,fear, or the flood of dopamine after experiencing strong emotions…The SNS sends signals to the tiny muscles at the base of each hair and causes them to contract and thus the hair stands guard and u have a “prickling sensation”

    The fix: In general goosebumps are mild and temporary and require no fix other than removing the culprit

    However in rare occurrences when goosebumps take longer than usual to fade or cause any form of irritation it can usually be fixed by

    • Balanced diet and drinking lots of water
    • Natural skin exfoliants like “olive oil and sugar paste”
    • Washing the skin with apple cider vinegar
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