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How to get a healthy pregnancy

“A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die.” 

A healthy pregnancy trip starts from the pre-pregnancy period when the lady is scheduled to visit her doctor's office before planning a pregnancy to take advice and some instructions regarding this trip; To enjoy a healthy and safe pregnancy for her and her unborn child.

the pre-pregnancy period.

In the pre-pregnancy period, the woman advises to lose weight if she is overweight to get the ideal weight as possible; Since negative weight has negative side effects on pregnancy, it is one of the causes of gestational diabetes, arterial pressure, depression, increased exposure to cesarean delivery, and other risks to the fetus, so it is advised to follow light exercise to continue in pregnancy.

Essential foods

1- In general, a pregnant woman needs an additional 300 calories daily, preferably divided into small and multiple meals, which are rich in proteins, leafy vegetables, and fruits rich in vitamins.

Folic Acid

2-Take folic acid daily at the rate of at least a month before planning a pregnancy, as it is recommended to take vitamin D Bum and according to a doctor's consultation depending on the levels of vitamin D in the blood.

Eat fish

3-It's allowed to eat fish at a rate of two meals during the week, as salmon is one of the best types of fish that suit a pregnant woman, as it contains the least mercury.

high-calorie prepared foods

4- Pregnant women should stay away from high-calorie prepared foods and fatty foods; In order to avoid colon problems, heartburn, and obesity, it also must not eat raw and undercooked meat and fish, especially in the first months of pregnancy.


5- Calcium is an important element in pregnancy. The woman must have a cup of milk (preferably fresh and full fat). If the lady does not want to consume milk, she can take her calcium needs through butter, cooked cheese, curd, or supplement that contains calcium.

Cinnamon Tea

6-It's not recommended to drink cinnamon tea a lot during pregnancy because of its effect in causing contractions in the womb, but a little cinnamon does not harm it.

Walking, swimming, and yoga

7- Walking, swimming, and yoga are among the best types of exercise for a pregnant woman. Sport is very important during pregnancy because it prevents excess weight, it also improves mood and prevents depression, and helps to facilitate natural childbirth.


8- It's recommended for a pregnant woman to drink sufficient quantities of water equivalent to two liters per day or about 6-8 cups, and eat dates without any risks to pregnancy and the fetus.

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

9- Avoid alcohol completely, even in small amounts. And also, to refrain from smoking, whether in the form of cigarettes or hookah, as it is preferable to stop smoking at least 3 months before pregnancy; Because it exposes the pregnant woman to some risks, such as high arterial pressure, miscarriages, and premature birth. It also leads to decreased fetal growth in the womb and sudden death in the newborn.

Consult a doctor

Note: Pregnant women must consult a doctor first and last in the event of any emergency encountered during pregnancy to reach a healthy and safe pregnancy.