Sports & fitness

Health clubs and industry suppliers are coming together to help people stay active during the coronavirus crisis.

With COVID-19 shutting down fitness facilities around the world and the global population being advised not to leave their homes, the demand for digital fitness solutions that provide a direct connection between facilities and members has sky-rocketed.

We at ENgAge took fast and early steps launching the #STAYENGAGED campaign which aims to keep us in contact with our Athletes and community helping them stay positive and engaged through online Live chats discussing various sports related topics having interesting guest speakers , online training sessions from group indoor cycling rides to fitness sessions and more !

We also joined forces with other endurance and fitness brands in our community to create online challenges through mobile apps to keep the sense of achievement going.

One tip from EngAge co-founder and coach “Momen Mostafa “ is creating an applicable, realistic daily routine is very important to keep yourself going without getting lost or leaving room for negativity, No matter what you are doing the most important part is that you keep moving , if you are not a strong athlete that is used to train alone or under any circumstances just stick to the basics and be consistent as consistency is everything.