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Doctor’s battle against Coronavirus General tips

Doctor’s battle against coronavirus

General tips

1-Corona virus always spread between people who are in close contact with each other through respiratory droplets.

2-corona symptoms include (high fever, body ache, and dry cough)

3-Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

4-Don’t go to the hospital except there is an emergency condition.

5-If it is urgent to go to the hospital, you have to follow the safety instructions. (Social distance, wear your mask and wash your hands every 20 mins).

6-Try to contact your health provider online instead of visiting him if possible.

7-Health provider must take their precautions while dealing with coronavirus patients. (Wearing coverall suit, gloves and face shield).

8-If you are ill:

Stay home and call your doctor 

Separate yourself from other people

Wear your mask

9- Follow your doctor’s advice to increase your immunity.

10- Stay home and try to avoid any non-essential travel and avoid social gatherings a lot of people.


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