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Prevention of this unknown disease is better than the treatment

The epidemic around the world is called COVID19 or coronavirus, why do we say that it is a new virus?

It is well known that the Coronavirus is not a new virus, it has been around for 60 years, Corona is a family of viruses, all of which fall under respiratory viruses.

We knew at least 4 types of them, and in the last twenty years we have two types causes a very large inconvenience because they do not only cause respiratory infection, but it also causes respiratory failure, and we are aware that one of them is SARS and the other type is MERS and these two viruses were causing respiratory problems such as the difficulty of breathing and respiratory failure.

But the new virus appeared at the end of 2019, it had more importance than the other viruses due to some reasons such as rapid spreading and also incomprehensibly mutated, and therefore we will find that scientists and doctors talk about it in a neutral way, meaning that there is nothing with it confirmed It is traded that it is transmitted by contact and after that, it is said that it transmitted through droplets during coughing or sneezing.

Recently it has been said that it can be transmitted through the air as it could be airborne but still no evidence.

Hence, we find that the World Health Organization, the Egyptian Ministry of Health and ministries of health in every country in the world announce every day with new information in a new language and in a new method of protection & prevention.

The more we discover new things about the virus, the more precautions we provide.

But at certain points so far, the prevention of this unknown disease is better than the treatment and therefore we should stay at home as long as possible rather that only buy our important needs.
Wear masks.
Don't go out until it's must be of utmost importance.
Keep your presence in a well-ventilated place.
Keeping the distance between you and other people a distance of not less than one and a half to two meters.
Wear gloves to avoid touching anything that the virus may have caught.
This does not replace any close opportunity to wash hands. Hands must be washed. But if there is no place to wash hands, you can use alcohol for a period of not less than twenty seconds.

Another prospective on health you may read too much of social media information. You can keep in mind 3 things as below:

First, the information must be taken from reliable sources.

Second, maintaining immunity to the maximum degree as taking vitamins and vitamin C is precisely because it protects the body from viral infections of all kinds, not just COVID19.
Eat essential fruits and vegetables every day.
Maintaining body hydration.
Drink at least 6-8 cups of water.
The throat needs to be hydrated because the virus loves dry tissue.

Third, there is very important info about medication

Taking medications for chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, immunosuppressant or cortisone. Could this cause infection?
The more the patient is in control of his condition, the better the immunity is.
The patient is less likely to be infected with the Coronavirus.
Any change in the dose of the drug should be under the supervision of a doctor.