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Corona generation …


I think that is the first time that our generation has experienced a truce in time, a timeout from our race of life.

My generation is the generation whose parents started caring about sports as an official activity and a routine in the lives of their children … The previous generations for us were not a sport for the majority of them is a basic daily activity … Rather, it was not an activity that falls under the framework of the hobby only or at most, just a physical activity organized on health the general public was not occupied by international championships or world rankings.

Our teenager witnessed the entry of the Internet, this invention that transmitted generations through time, as our minds had to grow up prematurely to chase and commercialize this vast amount of information and variables.

A large part of our lives has become in full view of everyone … Our psyche has become an unlimited space available to protect … He can color our days news on social media from one of the countries suffering from starvation or the news of a plane explosion that was transporting the head of a Russian family who lost his life after the accident, he was Our life can be complete without anything that it lacks at all if we do not know anything about this news. But it is the curse of technology. It gives you what you want with the push of a button but it takes a lot of your psychological peace and peace of mind in return.

Our generations witnessed many changes in educational systems … The “ghost” of high school was the end line of the race so that many of us did not think about what he wanted to do after it … It represented the ceiling of dreams for a large proportion of our generation.

We thought that entering one of the colleges of the summit is the end and that success would then become an inevitable result that is not subject to the possibility that many of us have honed all our energy to reach that goal and nothing remains of it after that.

We have witnessed a boom in international education and the special departments in colleges.
The choices suddenly become numerous and the roads branched, and we are facing choices, and we are trying to understand and keep up.

But the reality had another opinion, a strong opinion that imposed its influence on us.

Where the circumstances of life forced us to enter the labor market, which gave us a lot of experiences that we did not acquire before, because our world in its greatest openness was a closed world very conservative relative to the generations that followed us.

But time was the equivalent of those experiences, positions, and a high standard of living relative to the generations before us.

We are in a continuous race with time … We try to catch up with the train of time .. We try to combine work, family, parents, children and exercises .. Our dreams remain in the background .. Our passion that had to be hidden is because there is no time and no energy for it.

But the quiver of life is not without surprises, here is what happened turning the balance of the world upside down. A weak virus as they describe it … confusing the whole world.

Work, schools, universities and exercises have stopped … Our sitting at home has become compulsory and even a national duty.

This situation reminds me of these people who destroy their bodies every day … The doctor asks them to rest for two days and they refuse as if the world will stop if they rest … Their bodies give them a warning from time to time but they insist on ignoring them until they suddenly fall and rest does not become an option.


This is my perspective on the crisis of corona. A great event had to happen that rearranges our priorities and puts us in front of ourselves, asking, “Who are we? What do we do if we were not working? What did I love? The opportunity to invalidate the time argument and leave you in front of yourself looking for the real reasons for your delay.

Yes, we lack time but I think our problem is much deeper.

I think we got lost between the image that the world imposes on us, this template that tries to make us copies and our true image.

Weakness in the whirlpool of life … Weakness in the constant quest and non-stop running behind dreams that may not belong to us nor really represent us

We are lost in the stories of the people around us, our feelings are mixed with their feelings, and our true image is mixed with the reflection of our images in their eyes .. We have become a point in a sea of distractions, so it has become very difficult for you to be alone with yourself for a period of time to regain your true existence.

Many of us have become confused between “who is” and “what he does” and our value is related to what we do from tangible work or material achievements that may fade with changing circumstances.

And now the opportunity has come to calm down and remember that you are not in a race, a truce to catch your breath.

People talk about the accomplishments that we can achieve in our spare time now and the studies and courses available to us via the internet, but I believe that the greatest achievement we may do in this period is to restore our souls … is to find our true inner value unrelated to any material … to learn the art of relaxation and accept it As one of our legitimate rights and to stop feeling guilty for every minute that passes without recording an achievement in the world record .. to learn to appreciate and respect our feelings and that feelings are not only luxury for the well-off but rather the secret of life .. is the imprint of God in our souls … that we stop Making judgments, as we now see our fate all pass Tied to each other of different forms, genealogies, and religions.? To accept ourselves as they are and do not try to subjugate them to belong, fit and marvel … We must learn to respect our bodies and listen to them .. We must know when time must stand, even for seconds, to respect someone’s loss and that life is in the limit Itself is a precious gift worthy of gratitude.

The world deludes us that great accomplishments deserve thanks and gratitude, but I think that this crisis was corrected regardless of concepts. We are all now grateful for every day that passes by us that we have not fallen prey to. We are all grateful to our homes that we protect inside … We are all grateful to our families that we have no other.

And remember that gratitude is an exercise … think every day before you sleep in three simple things that you really feel grateful towards in your day and not looking for great victories because the truth lies in small details such as a warm bath or a hot meal or an honest love word.

For all of the above, I am grateful for the opportunity that God has given us … I hope with all my heart that we can come out with great joy.