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Coronavirus Misinformation Is Spreading All Over Social Media

There is a lot of misinformation circulating on social networks about coronavirus, including the topic of hand dryer; does it eliminate Coronavirus?

In fact, this is not certain at the present time. There is no research or evidence that confirms that. Always make sure to wash hands with water and soap. In the absence of water and soap, we tend to wash with alcohol. The hand dryer is used only for drying and not to kill the virus.

Does spraying the body with alcohol and dilute chlorine prevent infection?

In fact, these substances are harmful. They cannot be used in a large amount on the human body because they are absorbed through the skin. There are prohibitions to use them. Alcohol is used by us on the hands, and its concentration must be above 70% to kill the virus and prevent its spread. As for chlorine, we use it diluted and it is desirable to have from 1 to 9 or from 2 to 8 diluted on the surfaces, and it has been proven that it kills the virus on various surfaces at homes and others, but it is not recommended to use these substances on the human body.

Also, misleading information as vaccinations. Do vaccinations protect against existing Coronavirus?

This information is not proven at all; in this year there was a deficiency in influenza vaccination in Egypt, most people did not take this vaccination, but this vaccination is known to protect against influenza itself and is not related to Coronavirus, but it is definitely advised to use all vaccinations. I would like to point out at this stage that many people who were in anti-vaccine groups were doctors or families advising not to use these vaccines, but in these current circumstances we are in urgent need to vaccinate against corona once it is available, and this confirms the importance of vaccines in general.
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