Women, men & family

Don’t delay proper investigations

Control overweight by giving time to explaining and teaching women how to control diet habits.

As the journey goes by, we have to talk to one of CardioAlex founders, the one that experienced it all; Prof. Samir Rafla.

We talked to him about his topics in CardioAlex2017 and the new scientific updates that will be discussed this year. He was generous enough to give us some insights and a medical advice for the public health.

What are the best prevention methods for women’s heart?

  1. Donot ignore symptoms expressed by women.
  2. Donot delay proper investigations, (and also donot overdo it by hurrying in doing unnecessary cath.).
  3. Control overweight by giving time to explaining and teaching women how to control diet habits.

What are the signs of heart attack & what to do if someone experienced those signs? Can it be treated?

Compressing chest pain not relieved by sublingual nitrates.

Immediate ECG is a must and if it shows infarction, immediate admission to ICU and stenting according to classic guidelines.

Can it be prevented? Yes: stop smoking, stop obesity, and take statins (as Rosuvastatin) and aspirin for prevention. Strict control of blood pressure.

What’s new in CardioAlex 2017?

To keep the standard milestones of success of every year is new in itself.

This year in CardioAlex 2017, We have live transmission cases; we were the pioneers in this teaching method. Eminent international guests of high caliber, so attending doctors can feel they traveled abroad and attended international conferences. In any conference in the world it happens that some speakers cannot come or arrive. This happens to a minimum in CardioAlex. The organization by ICOM Company is superb and not exceeded by any other.

A wish… (CardioAlex & Egypt)

Wish to be attended by all practicing physicians and cardiologists of Egypt. Wish all attendee get full scientific benefit and learning that makes Egypt’s health better and better.

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