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Eating your way to better reproductive health..

Our bodies are well oiled machines that require special care and proper maintenance, and just like every other system in our body , the reproductive system thrives when properly treated…so although there isn’t a miracle diet that will  magically whisk you into “Parentsville” , there is plenty that you can do to kick start your journey to parenthood


Whole Foods

This one is a no brainer isn’t it?.., processed foods with tons of sugar and additives is hardly the fuel  your body needs, on the other hand, whole foods rich in fiber and vitamins lower your body’s toxic load and improves your chance of conceiving,

So while you don’t have to go exclusively organic, just as a general rule , ” if it comes in a can, leave it on the shelf”



Vitamin C

Fondly named “the rock star”, This immunity-boosting vitamin has been shown to promote iron absorption and progesterone production, wether you take it as a supplement or in its natural form found in Citrus fruits, mangos, tomatoes, potatoes, this Vitamin will surely be of great value



Vitamin B6

Although the whole group of B vitamins is thought to aid in ovulation, B6 in particular is known to  raise the progesterone level which is not only essential in conceiving but also in maintaining the pregnancy

So go ahead indulge in that tasty chickpea hummus, that well prepared omlette and that tasty piece of lean meat with a huge side of leafy greens


Vitamin D

Recent research has shown that a large percentage of women with low fertility have shown Vitamin D deficiencies, wether this is correlated or just a mere coincidence ,this fat soluble vitamin’s anti-inflammatory feature , will ultimately help improve your overall fertility

So go ahead and get that tan, its good for you


Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Commonly found in Fish and wheat germ ,

this natural enzyme could very well be on the rise as a very effective supplement for improving fertility, still in early stages of  animal testing ,it has shown great results in improving egg and sperm quality


Folic Acid

Essential for the proper neurological development of babies, this critical supplement is crucial as early as 2,3 weeks after conception, which means that most women wont even be aware of their pregnancy that early

As a general rule, if you’re actively trying to conceive, start taking your folic acid


Zinc and Iron


Known for their overall benefit to the body, also recent studies have shown that lower levels of both have been linked to poor ovulation in women of reproductive age

Eating your lean meat ,broccoli, fish and preferably raw spinach is not only good for your whole body, it might actually help put the baby express train into motion.


Omega 3 fatty acids


Our bodies cant naturally produce Omega 3s , and with there multiple reproductive health benefits, like helping follicles release eggs, keeping your hormines in check and increasing the blood flow to your uterus, you might want to invest in buying those supplements, or simply  find them naturally in flax seeds, walnuts, salmons and sardines..


In conclusion..


“Nutrition is the only remedy that can bring full recovery and can be used with any treatment. Remember, food is our best medicine!  ”   

Bernard Jensen