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Healthy Ramadan

1- Keep your body hydrated via drinking plenty of water and other healthy drinks as fresh juices by about 2L to 3L between Eftar and Sohour to maintain your kidney function and avoid dehydration all during fasting time.

2- To gain energy, begin your Eftar with Dates.

3- Avoid Dehydration by avoiding Salty food.

4- Always have a well-balanced Eftar containing all of the food ingredients.

5- Protein, carbohydrates, Fiber must be included in your meal (eftar and sohour)

6- Replace oily curries and fried snacks by salads, fruit and vegetables.

7- It is important to stay well hydrated after Eftar by drinking water every 30 mins.

8- Exercises must be delayed after Eftar for 3 hours at least

9- Sohour must contain food rich in potassium to nourish your body.

10- If you are taking medications, you must contact your health provider before Ramadan.