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Nasal Allergy patients’ questions concerning fasting the holly Ramadan

An interview with an Otolaryngologist:
We are expecting Holly Ramadan in less than two days. Patients with nasal allergy usually have some questions concerning fasting and its impact on their medications and treatment plans. Nowadays, no medical advice is complete without presenting some data about the mess caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

Q1: Are nasal sprays forbidden during the fasting hours?

We have two types of sprays used to treat allergy; sea water containing sprays and medication containing sprays (topical steroids and decongestants). I advise using the former after fasting hours, however, no problem with using medication containing sprays making every effort to prevent its passage backwards by leaning head abit forward.

Q2: How to adjust the regimen of medications during Ramadan?

Drugs taken in the morning will be taken after Eftar and those in the evening after late Shour. Only exception is oral steroids that should be taken after late Shour.

Q3: What are the allergy expectations during the next 3 weeks?

We are in April, the allergy season. So, we expect that allergic patients will suffer abit in the next few weeks. Prophylactic mast cell stabilizers together with taking medications regularly are important in the next few weeks.

Q4: Does epistaxis affect my fasting?


Q5: What about immune stimulants?

Immune stimulants are important during that time of the year. You can take it in the form of ready-made medications or healthy food especially those containing vit c.

Q6: Will I die if I catch COVID 19 virus infection?

Probably NO…. almost 80% can catch the infection with minimal symptoms and recover completely with symptomatic treatment. Immunocompromised elderly patients are the main concern, not only by corona infection but with any other infections as well.

Q7: Are children also at risk of COVID 19 virus infection?

No one is immune. However, COVID 19 appears to be relatively rare and mild in children.

Q8: Can pets transmit the COVID 19 virus to humans?

To date, no cases has been reported among pets, however, a single case of COVID 19 in a cat has been reported in USA. I advise taking care of pets hygiene especially if they go outside with utmost care of their paws and fur.

Q9: Will worm weather stop the outbreak?

As per experts in the field, heat and worm weather are supposed to decrease, but not to stop the spread of infection.

Q10: If I have sore throat, coughing and fever, does this mean that I have corona infection?

Suspect having it only if you have symptoms plus one of the following

- Close contact with an affected person during last 2 weeks
- Travel history to corona virus affected area.
- Visiting a health care facility where corona patients are being taken care of.