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Netflix’s ‘To The Bone’ Trailer gets more focus on Eating Disorders

It’s Right About Anorexia

On Tuesday, Netflix released the trailer for To the Bone, a comedy-drama whose main character Ellen (Lily Collins) has anorexia.

The trailer for To the Bone, which will launch on Netflix on July 14, has started a conversation online about mental health and eating disorders.


The clip begins with Ellen (played by Lily Collins) worrying about the calorie count for each of the foods on her dinner plate.

Ellen worrying about eating disorders

Another scene reveals the bruises on Ellen’s back from doing sit-ups. We see her pick at her meal, then tear open a candy bar. “You’ve got it … under … control,” Ellen’s voice-over chants, until she loses consciousness and falls to the floor.

When her stepmother (Carrie Preston) sends her to a new treatment facility, Ellen expects to find more of the same, but she’s surprised to connect with the center’s nontraditional program, led by an unconventional doctor (Keanu Reeves).

her stepmoth sends her to a new treatment facility

We hope that Netflix will go an extra step beyond raising awareness, and offer resources for people struggling with an eating disorder.


The cast of the movie have recorded a video raising awareness for World Eating Disorders Action Day



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