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If you’ve ever been called delusional, crazy or faking it, you may want to read this.

My story with Endometriosis…

I’ve always been a very active and happy little girl, you’d see me running everywhere, doing every sort of activity you can imagine. You could have seen me doing sports, participating in school activities, roller-skating in my leisure time. You name it.

That went on for a nice and joyful 9 school years, where I had my proud parents there for me, attending every event and every competition I joined, everything was just upbeat and dynamic for the happy kid I was.

At the time when I turned 14 years old, everything gradually started to change. I had reached puberty. That’s when it all started.

My first menstruation was too painful that it made me in total agony for days. I was totally clueless and I asked my mom for help as I was very worried. She reassured me with a calm smile that everything is going to be okay, that what I was experiencing was ‘a normal part of being a woman’ and how pain can differ from one woman to another.

From using hot water bottles for comfort, to sometimes taking over the counter pain killers when the pain persisted, I did have a certain amount of relief. I was able to function normally for a good share of time. Everything was going okay.

The days went on, some months were okay and some others I would get those “really bad periods”. I believed that this is a normal phase all girls go through. It’s normal for all girls to have painful cramps and feel tired. But later, when I started bleeding heavier than usual, getting bad nausea and vomiting, I thought that things are maybe a little different for me. It’s probably just my nature and that’s how things work for me.

But one unforgettable day, I skipped school as my cramps got so bad that they head me to the emergency! They gave me a strong painkiller and IVF fluid as I was a little dehydrated as well. I got a feeling of euphoria after the pain subsided, and at that moment I knew that things might not be that “normal” for me…

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