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The truth about low women sex drive

How to get from STOP to START

Ever say to yourself I have no “Libido” you’re not alone let’s spend time looking at how to boost your sex drive…
One of the most frequent questions I get is: “ I really want to have sex , but the truth is I don’t. It’s not something I naturally think about, and it’s always something that I lack on at the end of the day”

Of course this maybe a testosterone level, and if you really feel like something is just wrong (as in different from the way you used to feel) then it’s good to get a doctor to check your levels

So much about woman’s libido depends on our kids, our energy level, our stress and of course our relationships. We are very complex begins, and because for women, sex is almost entirely in our heads.
In particular order here are some thoughts on how to boost a low libido:

  1. make yourself “Great”
    If you send signals to your brain ordering “tonight, I want to feel great”. You’re more likely to. When your brain is engaged your body tends to follow.

    • Remember that making sure it feel good for you doesn’t mean you have to be craving sex in the start…
  2. Go to bed really ready.
    The combination of low libido & exhaustion is a disaster, the only thing that helps is not being tired.
  3. Use fun jelly lubricants
    Some women swear by “cocout oil” but if you are well lubricated, arousal is much easier
  4. Pomegranate juice
    Yes, yes.. You read it correctly, it hold the “Viagra” effect on women.
  5. Supplements
    Omega 3 and L-arginine are nowadays used for long term enhancing of women’s libido.
  6. Food
    Nuts, eggs, figs, broccoli, strawberries, watermelon, cloves & lettuce.
    From the odd times these has been used to enhance women sexual desire.

I hope I helped. Just remember it’s important to address the issue & never be little how you feel.

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