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Tips to manage siblings fights during staying home

Tips to manage siblings fights during staying home

With the world under coronavirus induced lockdown, families have been forced to be stuck at home with each other. Being under one roof twenty-four/seven, especially during such stressful times can cause fights among family members. Family members might start feeling irritated and grumpy. This is true especially if you have children. Siblings tend to fight a lot on a normal day. With the added tension of the pandemic and the struggle of sharing a living space with your sibling for a long time, they might end up fighting even more.
This might get to the parents’ nerves and force them to react harshly. Instead of cooling the situation down, this might just add to the tension in the household. Here are a few ways that can help you manage your kids if they are fighting or irritated.

Be emotionally stable yourself
It is true that kids do tend to mirror their parent’s behavior. Therefore, many times if parents are fighting, kids might too. The tension in the household might be coming from you and you might not even know it. Which is why it is important to keep a check on how you feel as well. It does not mean that you only need to keep yourself physically fit but also emotionally fit. To keep your kids from festering any negative feelings, make sure that you do not ooze of anxiety yourself.

Check with your child
The most likely answer to your child being irritated and angry is that they are stressed. Children do not have the same inner resources to handle stress as adults do. It is important that you initiate a conversation with them as they might be reluctant to do so. They might be scared of the way you would react to their feelings. They often anticipate that their parents would react harshly in situations like these. It is your responsibility to build an environment where your kids can talk about how they feel. Be honest about the seriousness of the pandemic but also give them a sense of hope and calm.

How to deal with a meltdown
Even if your children do fight every now and then, it is important that they make up and not leave the tension looming in the air. Here is how you, as parents, help them reconcile.

  • Take time out
    You need to take time out of your routine, even if you are working from home, to help your children when they need you. Sometimes, having the undivided attention of a parent helps them cope with their own stress. You can take this time to understand why your children are fighting and find a solution.


  • Use I-statements
    Ensure that your kids reconcile properly if they have a fight. Make them use statements like “I did not like you taking this out of my cupboard” rather than “You did so and so”. This will teach them a healthier way to resolve conflict.


  • Stay focused on now
    In times like these, it is important for everyone to have patience. Make sure that your kids do not fight over something that happened a few days or weeks ago. It creates unnecessary feelings of negativity which at detrimental to their health, especially during such trying times.
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