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Your Period Blood Consistency & Your Health

Even if you’ve had your period every month for most of your life, it’s normal to question what exactly is coming out of my body?

So if your period’s different from the blood in other parts of your body, what’s it supposed to look like?

Here’s what it means for each of you:

Thick and Clumpy

Once in a while during heavy periods, every woman will notice a clot of blood, that’s fine..

Blood clots that are less than the size of a quarter are no big deal. Big blood clots could be a sign of something hormonal or a small, non-cancerous growth inside the uterus that’s called a uterine fibroid. – so it’s worth talking to a health care provider to make sure everything’s okay.


Thin and Watery

While some women just tend to have lighter periods, thin and watery period blood could also be a sign of something else, it could be coming from an ovarian tumor or a fallopian tumor –  that it’s hard to tell without an actual exam.

book an appointment with your doctor if you notice your period is noticeably thinner than usually.


Slippery and Mucus-y

If you’ve noticed that your period is a little slicker than usual, that’s probably just because your menstruation blood has been mixed with some cervical mucus. This mucus actually helps protect and direct sperm to the egg.

It’s not a big deal if some of it gets mixed in with your period blood.

At the end Of course, you know your body best. So if anything seems off, make an appointment with your ob-gyn.

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