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Follow the golden 7 rules

As we are keen about our reader’s health and their wellbeing, we have been working on interviewing international cardiologists from all over the globe. We have landed in Saudi Arabia, as we had a small interview with one of the Arabian best cardiologists; Prof. Khalid AlNemer ; he was very generous to answer our questions.

You are coming to Egypt in May, what motivated you to be a part of Cardio Alex international faculty?

Cardio Alex is an international cardiology meeting that became a landmark in cardiology science across the globe and has improved dramatically the cardiology practice in the Middle East; it is an honor to be part of cardio Alex faculty.

What is your advice for the Egyptian young physicians?

To continue achieving the best in science as their predecessors has achieved global prizes such as noble prize and they were stars in their fields; their contributions were well recognized in the human science.

What is new in your topic this year?

We are going to present a topic about: Which cardiac imaging modality is more cost effective for diagnosing CAD. Then the second topic will be Challenges in diagnosing myocardial ischemia caused by mental stress. The third session will be a read with expert session.

What is your advice to people with previous stroke & stents?

To follow the golden 7 rules:

  1. Keep your LDL below 70
  2. Keep you SBP blow 135
  3. Eat fruits and vegetables five times a day
  4. Exercise 30 minutes a day five times a week
  5. Don’t smoke
  6. Keep your fasting sugar below 100
  7. Avoid mental and emotional stress

What is broken heart syndrome?

It is a form of myocardial infarction that happen due to emotional stress mainly in females and there is campaign of awareness recently on this topic.

How does a heart attack affect the body?

It can cause heart failure that can affect every vital organ in the body; kidneys, brain, lungs, liver, sleep mechanism …etc. Therefore, prevention is vital in regard and far more important than treatment.



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