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15 basic tips for the stage after forty

After a person reaches the age of forty, a set of changes occurs within his body. These changes can negatively affect the health condition, and increase the risk of various [ … ]

How to protect yourself from heart attacks

Heart attacks are serious health problems, and they must be dealt with quickly to save the patient’s life. A heart attack is known to occur due to a blockage that [ … ]

Coronaviruse, and family solutions

How do you deal with the challenges of the corona family when both parents are still working in their jobs, and at the same time trying to ensure that their [ … ]

Nasal Allergy patients’ questions concerning fasting the holly Ramadan

An interview with an Otolaryngologist: We are expecting Holly Ramadan in less than two days. Patients with nasal allergy usually have some questions concerning fasting and its impact on their [ … ]

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